Negaunee working towards historical recognition

NEGAUNEE — The Historic downtown district of Negaunee wants to have their downtown listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The city of Negaunee is teaming up with the MEDC Empire Initiative Project to help facilitate the process for the community.

Not only would this bring a sense of an honorary recognition as well as community pride of their local history, but also more benefits to local businesses.

“This really is a springboard for reinvestment in their community, when your downtown is listed on the national register you can tap into different tax credits and other grant opportunities. That normally you would not be able to do so,” said Jessica Flores, Principal of Preservation Forward.

These buildings tell stories from generations long ago and they want to continue to tell these stories for generations to come.

“Just letting any type of investment come in can really take away from the downtown and the whole historic and culture aspect of any community. So we want to make sure we have some control over that whole process. Be able to tell our story the way we want to tell it and preserve what we have here in Negaunee,” said Nate Heffron, City Manager of Negaunee.

Right now they are in the early stages of this process, it can take up to 18 months.

They welcome anyone who wants to be involved to be involved and help this task force.