MARQUETTE — This past weekend there was a conference at NMUs Seaborg Center and it was really buzzing.

Hosted by the Superior Beekeeping Club, the Beekeeping Conference was a huge hit and ended up being sold out.

This event went into detail about many bee related topics as well as trying to get more people interested in working with bees. The club was trying to show the U.P. residence how beneficial bees can really be in the community and economy.

“We expect any area where there are more bees’ gets better pollination, berry crop, better apple crops, and blue berry crops,” said President of the Superior Beekeeping club, Joel Lantz. “So we figured that’s a good deal and we know that in the U.P. we could do a lot more honey, and it would be bought in a minute. People want local honey and so there are real opportunities for beekeepers to come in.”

This was the clubs first conference in the Upper Peninsula and it will not be its last due to the growing appreciation for bees and the benefits they bring to the U.P.