ESCANABA — Some big changes could be coming for schools down in Escanaba. Escanaba Area Public Schools is seeking an approval for 2.2 mills for a five–year period on their upcoming May 8th Ballot.

The funding would go to building security, technology, and infrastructure, including repairing old building components. The pay–as–you–go method used by sinking funds and mills is a more logical approach; there’s no money to borrow or pay back.

“It’s financially a little more of a responsible way to take care of the needs that we have,” said Dr. Coby Fletcher, superintendent for Escanaba Area Public Schools. “One of the other benefits of the sinking fund is the monies are levied locally, and it’s one of the ways that monies that are levied locally get to stay local; in a sense it gives voters an opportunity to invest directly into the school system without any of that money being recaptured by the state.”

The average household would spend under $100 in taxes. The five year plan would generate over $6 million for Escanaba schools.