NMU professor withdraws from congressional race

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University professor Dwight Brady has announced that he will no longer seek the nomination of the Democratic Party in his bid for Congress.



Several factors contributed to Brady’s decision to withdraw, including an illness in the family and financial constraints.

“I met a lot of inspiring people along the way, but there is a thing called fundraising, too, that you have to do in congressional politics. I got started perhaps a little too late to keep up with my primary opponent. Once you get behind on fundraising, then some of the endorsements and additional support that come along with that fundraising starts to tip in the other direction,” Brady told ABC 10.

“I am comfortable with my decision to back away. I guess my only regret of leaving the race is that I will not get the chance to debate Jack Bergman, which would definitely have been something I looked forward too and perhaps some day, we will get a chance to do again,” he added.

According to a press release, Brady said he will continue working on issues important to the people of Michigan’s 1st District.

He looks forward to returning fully to his family and continuing his career at NMU. He is already working on a new documentary and plans to release a new album of original music about life in northern Michigan in the future.