Colorectal cancer awareness month informs the public

MARQUETTE — March marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. We want to help raise awareness and encourage people to get screened for one of the most preventative cancers out there.

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death from cancer in men and women over the age of fifty years old.

“It’s estimated that fifty thousand people will die next year because of colorectal cancer,” said Ann Silverman, Gastroenterologist at UPHS.

Doctors are encouraging everyone to go get screened. It’s still unsure what causes the cancer, but there are genetic causes.

“The most important thing is that everyone needs to be screened and the older you are, the higher your risk. If you have family members with colon cancer you’re at higher risk. It can be prevented, it’s an important cancer not to miss,” said  Ann Silverman, Gastroenterologist at UPHS.

If you don’t have family history of colorectal cancer, still get screened. The screening process is called a colonoscopy.

“A small flexible scope that is connected to a tv camera and we are able to see images of the colon and we can see pollups when they’re small or even large and then we can remove them during the procedure,” added  Ann Silverman, Gastroenterologist at UPHS.

The best way to get checked for Colorectal cancer is to see your doctor who can refer you to your specialist.