MARQUETTE — On Saturday, a group of students from Northern Michigan University hosted an educational and inspirational evening, as TED Talks came to Jamrich Hall on campus.

TED X is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks or speeches. The program allows for self-organized events around the world that bring people together to share a learning experience.

Alumni and student speakers alike discussed topics such as Neuroscience, Environmental Sustainability, social media, and even how the Yooper dialect came to be.

“Me and a couple of students got together and made a club, because we decided we wanted to throw a TED Talks event at Northern,” said student organizer, Hosanna Olah. “We have basically been meeting since August – working with different facilities around campus, reaching out to speakers, as well as having an open application process for students, alumni, and faculty.”

The group of students who helped organize the event says that they plan on bringing this event back next year, with many more, exciting talks.