ISHPEMING — A U.P native will be running his third Boston Marathon this April.

He found a way to channel his passion for running while also helping to find a cure for cancer.

26 days 26 people 26.2 miles. Peter started this campaign in 2014 to highlight each person who survived and passed from cancer.

This year, he will have one arm dedicated to one special young man.

“When Liam was 5 years old, so 7 years ago was receiving treatment at Dana Farber. One of the programs that they do at their Jimmy Fund patience, they allow them until their 18 years old to be connected through Dana Farber by having a runner,” said Peter Lorinser

This helps Liam and his family stay connected through Dana Farber and honor his fight with cancer.

In addition to running for the 26 people and Liam, Peter will be doing something different this year.

“I keep an open dash on my arm to represent all cancer patients, really that’s why I run for a research organization. I think the impact that they can have is so wide spread. If I can contribute to a cure, then I think that’s really important,” Lorinser added.

The Dana Farber running group has raised close to 5 million dollars for innovative cancer research. Peters personal goal is to raise $10,000 this year.

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