Marquette County Road Commission loses appeal over County Road 595

MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Road Commission lost an appeal Tuesday in the fight to build County Road 595, according to the Detroit News.

County Road 595 was meant to reduce the amount of mine trucks in the City of Marquette, on US-41 and other local streets by creating a more direct route from the mine to a refinery. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency raised objections over the impacts of County Road 595 during the permit approval process.

The permit application said that the construction would affect nearly 26 acres of wetlands and require 22 stream crossings. According to a previous ABC 10 article, nearly 100 semi-trucks and contractor vehicles travel the 120-mile round trip every day from the mine to Humboldt along the 21-mile route.

The road commission decided to give up when the application was transferred to a different agency.

The Detroit News article states that the appeals court acknowledged that the road commission was put through a “long, expensive and frustrating” process. The court won’t allow the commission to sue the government because the commission voluntarily surrendered without waiting for a final ruling.

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