ESCANABA — With spring approaching, bars and breweries are working to prepare for an influx of customers.

Upper Hand Brewery is making some major changes. Not only are they switching from bottles to cans, they’re also renovating their taproom.

“We’re doing some interesting things with furniture and tables coming off of walls that can retract,” said Brandon Frisk, Marketing Coordinator for Upper Hand Brewery. “Those are the big things happening in the taproom; we’re excited to reopen. We’re shooting for a Friday, March 23rd re-opening day. And then we’re going to have a can launch party April 7th. It’s called the Can Jam out here at the brewery.”

They will also be utilizing a new tap system, allowing for 12 options and even a nitro brew. The changes are to make everything more accessible for customers of Upper Hand. They’re just a part of a busy spring season for the brewery.