ESCANABA — Dark Stores have become a harsh loophole to make the competition obsolete and has affected the communities negatively. But one town is still fighting against these stores and their loop holes within the law.

The town of Escanaba is bringing the fight to stop these loopholes from affecting their surrounding businesses and the affect it has on the economy. And the people of Escanaba have been succeeding in their endeavors.

“Every head in the audience was nodding in agreement that what I said was that we are all in this boat together. We’re fighting this fight, Escanaba happens to be the one city that challenged that appealed the Wright case and its continuing and we’ve won the court of appeals and we’ve won in the Supreme Court. And now it’s going back to the Tax Tribunal for a retrial,” said, City Manager of Escanaba, Patrick Jordan.

The Michigan Department of Treasury and the people that are trying to fight these Dark Stores will continue the fight on fixing this issue within the Michigan economy.

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