Residence searched after discovery of meth dumpsite

KINGSFORD — A residence in Kingsford was searched by authorities for components used to manufacture methamphetamine following the discovery of a meth dumpsite.

On Saturday, March 10th, Kingsford Public Safety received a call from a citizen about a possible meth dumpsite. Officers responded to the location, which was near the parking lot of Cowboy Lake.

Officers located a large tote which had been thrown out near the Menominee River. The tote contained several items, which are used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team was called in to clean up the hazardous materials site, and Kingsford Public Safety developed suspects. On March 19th, one of the suspects was interviewed and admitted to dumping the materials near Cowboy Lake.

Subsequently, a search warrant was authorized by the Dickinson County Prosecutor’s Office for a residence in Kingsford. Kingsford Public Safety officers and authorities from the KIND Drug Enforcement Team executed the warrant and located items used to manufacture methamphetamine inside and outside of the residence.

UPSET detectives were called to clean up the materials that were located at the residence. Dickinson County Health Department was notified of the situation and the residence was tagged by the Health Department.

Kingsford Public Safety was also assisted by the Iron Mountain Police Department and the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department. Officials would like to remind citizens that if they locate something suspicious, don’t touch any items and contact your local police department.