WAKEFIELD, MI — Gogebic County had some cool events going on this St. Patrick’s Day, but one town had a little friendly competition this weekend.

Big Snow Resort hosted a competition that has been around since the 70’s. This competition is called the Famous Bikini Race. This event started out as a spectator sport, but over time it evolved and the community found it to be a great way to bring people together.

“You know it’s a chance for a free pass and why not try it. I think crowd appeal was a two day pass for 2 people so why not, it gets you out on the hill and supports a local business,” said Katie Bull.

This local business used to be separated between businesses known as Indianhead and Black Jack Mountain. But since they joined together to form Big Snow Resort it’s been gaining popularity even from people out of the state.

“Well I think it’s really great what Black Jack and Indianhead Big Snow Resorts has been doing as a whole as far as getting a lot of festivals up here, really promoting Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. The skiing up here is absolutely bar none, in my opinion to a lot of the other Midwest resorts. The snow, the terrain and let alone the prices to come up here are just unbeatable. To see the amount of people back here at Black Jack where we grew up skiing is just awesome to see you know the enthusiasm to be back up here which is great and why we are all excited to be here and we got the whole family,” said Baylen Rifleman.

No matter the weather these skiers are about one thing and one thing only, having a good time shredding some snowy slopes.

“Sometimes it’s terrible weather and sometimes we get blessed with days like today. It’s fantastic; you don’t even need to put clothes on like there is no coldness here at all. It’s fantastic,” said Janeen Rhyner.

This event is running every March with varying dates. You can find more information here.