Photo credit: Stephanie Conery

WEST ISHPEMING — Ishpeming Township Police are investigating what appeared to be a threat written inside a women’s bathroom stall at Westwood High School. The graffiti in question read, “I will shoot up school on 4/11/18. Have fun with that.”

“It was deemed that it wasn’t a credible source, and it had a future date on it, and a few other things that led us to believe that we could remain safe with a police presence here at the school,” said NICE Community Schools Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine. “We can continue to investigate to see who wrote it.”

Administration and Police are confident that students are safe, but will continue to investigate.

“At this time we’re not even certain it was one of our students who wrote it,” said DeAugustine. “It may have happened during one of our after school events, but we’ll continue to investigate, and we’re not ruling anything out at this time.”

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