MARQUETTE — Medical care is important for everyone, even those that may have a harder time affording it. The Superior Health Foundation is looking to make sure the care goes to people that need it most.



The Superior Health Foundation recently made an agreement with the Medical Care Access Coalition to create an indigent care fund.  The MCAC was working to close, and needed a reliable organization to manage the leftover funds. SHF Executive Director Jim LaJoie says that agreement was a perfect fit.

“This is a wonderful, wonderful fund,” said LaJoie. “This is something that we’ve been looking to establish for a number of years. Now we have the necessary means to do that, because there is no shortage of needs in the Upper Peninsula to take advantage and apply for this type of funding.”

Approximately 1.2 million dollars were given to the Superior Health Foundation.

The board plans to meet in May to discuss the funds and decide when they will be made available to those seeking funding.