Forgotten heroes honored for service

MARQUETTE — One local brewery in Marquette hosted an event tonight that shined some light on the Heroes of the Great Lakes. Ore Dock Brewery worked with the members of the Maritime Museum to help host this event that brought us into some of Marquette’s local history.

“This is a story about ship wrecks and the very brave and courageous men that went out to rescue the crews and passengers, regardless of the fury of the storm or however bad the weather was. And of course Marquette had a station of life saving service right here in town that is now a part of the city’s new Lighthouse Park,” said Frederick Stonehouse.

Not only was this history lesson a great way to bring the community together but it is also a great way to help support the local Maritime Museum through donations and to help show the importance of these Heroes.

“So this is an effort on the part of Maritime Museum to make the public more aware of the importance of that station on Lighthouse Park and the tremendous role they played in our local history as well as the history not only of the Great Lakes but the entire country,” said Stonehouse.

This was the last winter event being hosted through the Maritime Museum, but they will return in the near future.