Huron Mountain Bakery ranks in top 5

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Huron Mountain Bakery is a Staple to the Marquette county for being one of the best bakeries in the Upper Peninsula.



MLive had recently placed this bakery in the top 5 of the best bakeries in the state.

And their owner couldn’t be any happier with this achievement.

“We’re so proud of that, everybody works so hard at their jobs and they take it very seriously. We break down everything and do it in categories and each category we want to be the best. There was two–hundred and twenty nominations, forty of which were considered finalist and both bakeries that we own, that’s Baby Cakes Muffin company and Huron Mountain Bakery,” said John Scheidt.

Now that Huron Mountain bakery has achieved a great accomplishment in the baking world, Scheidt is looking to bring his other bakery into the competition and to help it grow even further.

“And everybody knows about Baby Cakes it’s just been there forever, and we don’t want to see it go. We’re not going to change any of the formulations that we already have their, we’re just going to add a whole lot of product to what is already existing there,” said Scheidt.

All in all, this proud business owner is quite happy with his bakeries performance and reputation within the community.

“We fell in love with the town, and they have been extraordinarily receptive to our business model, and I couldn’t have ever asked for a better career,” said Scheidt.