Committee looking to redefine blight in Negaunee

NEGAUNEE —¬†Negaunee’s City Manager Nate Heffron has created a committee through his office that will be researching the possible blight problem and the effects that it may have on the economy of Negaunee.

The committee will sit down and look at the issue analytically and get the public’s opinion on what is going to be deemed a blight problem for the city. The city will also be on the hook for blight issues revolving around city owned properties.

“The city would be as culpable of following the law as anybody else on the books. A lot of times that is not the case in most communities and cities exempt themselves from the law, so we definitely want to look at our buildings too. To be the example and making sure we are making repairs to those on a timely basis,” said Heffron.

If you are interested in being a part of this committee there are three more seats that are open at large. The requirements to join the committee include: Be at least eighteen years old and live in Negaunee.

You can submit your applications online HERE and or take it to the city offices.