NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — Public safety officials in Marquette County announced today that Smart911 is now available to all individuals. Smart911 allows individuals and families to provide key information to 911 dispatchers during an emergency through a free online profile.

“The only thing we’re requiring from them is their phone number, their address and their name and even if that’s all they want to put in it, that’s really going to greatly help 911 telecommunicators when that call comes in,” said Kevin Hatline, a customer success manager for RAVE Mobile Safety.

“When they have to dial 911, that information immediately is displayed for the dispatchers, and can greatly improve response times,” said Gary Johnson, manager of Marquette County 911.

The voluntary profiles give dispatchers detailed information that the users feel is appropriate for responders to have. Users can input emergency contacts, special needs such as allergies or disabilities, pictures of pets and family members, among other information.

The information is secured in a database run by RAVE Mobile Safety and responding agencies cannot save any of the information or even search the database.

“When you dial 911, it’s the only time that that information is available to us and it’s only available to us for 45 minutes,” said Johnson. “About 45 minutes after the initial call, we can no longer see that profile.”

Citizens can sign up for the service HERE. Upon sign up, people can opt to receive alerts regarding weather, road closures, emergencies and other information in the event of a disaster.

Smart911 is available in 40 states and more than 1,500 municipalities across the country. The information on your profile can also be accessed by dispatchers in these different areas.

“The U.P. is definitely at the fore-front of technology. Across all of the counties in the U.P., they will be utilizing RAVE Alerts, Smart 911 and Panic Button,” said Hatline.

Panic Button is another extension of the RAVE Mobile Safety system. It’s an application on the cell phones of school teachers, administrators and staff that will alert dispatchers during an active shooter situation.

Alger County has already implemented Smart911, but the rest of the counties in the U.P. should be able to create their profiles in two to three weeks. At that time, over 80 percent of counties in Michigan will be using or preparing to launch Smart911.

To learn more about Smart911, click HERE.