Michigan Tech hosts annual Spring Career Fair

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech students will be shaking hands and passing out resumes today with perspective employers. The Spring Career Fair took place Wednesday afternoon, bringing hundreds of out-of-town recruiters to meet with the engineers and innovators of tomorrow.

Each semester students look forward to this day. This is the day that their years of education could meet pivotal decisions. A resume in the right hands could be the key to success.

“My dream job would be to work for Tesla, and I’ve always been passionate about the automotive industry. Tesla is the perfect mesh of that for me. This Career Fair, they’ll be here so I get to actually talk to them for a bit,” said David Anna, a fourth year student.

Whether students venture off into the automotive field, or any other, there is no shortage of opportunity, with over 700 recruiters on campus collecting resumes.

“We are here to recruit primarily engineering intern and co-op students. A combination of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers,” said Chris Strebel of Wisconsin Public Service Corporation.

As Career Fair has grown over the years, so has attendance of both students and future employers. In fact, the school has adopted a Career Fair exam policy asking instructors not to administer exams, or due dates during the event to ensure attendance of all students. The event gives students a chance to talk with employers and find out about their needs and criteria. For employers, they get the opportunity meet students and get an idea of what they will bring to the work force.

“The quality of the students that are coming out of here and the quality of the programs they have is really second to none in the country. The nice thing about Michigan Tech for us, being a Wisconsincompany is that we’re trying to bring in people that want to be in this type of area. We want kids that like living in the Midwest. If you have people that are happy on the home side, and they’re happy on the work side it makes for a great mix,” said, Rob Kraus, vice president of manufacturing of the Vollrath Company.

It is estimated that over 2000 students attended career fair today, speaking with over 200 companies. Michigan Tech hosts two Career Fairs annually, with the Fall event scheduled for October.