MARQUETTE — Craft beer and Stormy Kromer are two staples of the U.P. Saturday afternoon, they came together.

Ore Dock Brewing Company and Stormy Kromer released their beer collaboration, the Six Pointer Munich Dunkel, at the brewery Saturday. The project had been in the works since last fall.

“We chose the Munich Dunkel. It’s a beer style that’s about 500 years old, so it’s built to last; it’s kind of how we look at it, which is very similar to a Stormy Kromer,” said Ore Dock production manager Adam Robarge

The name is based off the hat. Each panel meets at the middle in six points. Stormy Kromer President Gina Thorsen recalls a story related to the hat.

“The guys who used to work on the railroad and wore these hats, when they came to a new town they would pop their head in the bar and say, ‘hey are there any six pointers in here?’ so it was kind of what they called each other as they worked on the railroad. I just love that it goes back to the hat, to the history, and tonight at this party we’re going to have a room full of six pointers and it’s just going to be really fun.”

Patrons had a chance to try the beer, as well as enter to win a new snowplow.