Escape Marquette hosts “Love is Free” event

MARQUETTE — Valentine’s Day is different for everyone. Many people enjoy a fancy dinner with their significant others, some see a movie with their friends and others do other fun activities, like an escape room.



Escape Marquette booked 104 appointments for their “Love is Free” event and all of today’s appointments are free of charge. Founder Anna Hemstock said the event is meant to give back to the community for the support they have shown Escape Marquette so far.

“We opened it up so that way all ages and types of players could play. We have a variety of different teams – we’ve got mother/daughter, father/son, grandparent teams. We’ve got a lot of non-traditional couples, so we’re really excited about that because everybody gets to celebrate love today,” said Hemstock.

“It brings people together,” said Mackenzy Nelson, a “Love is Free” participant. “If you’re ever having a family feud, come here.”

Don’t worry if you missed out on the Valentine’s Day special – Hemstock said Escape Marquette is looking into having this promotion again in the future. For updates on when events like “Love is Free” are happening, click HERE to go to Escape Marquette’s Facebook page.