MARQUETTE — Later this week, NMU’s Forest Roberts Theatre is debuting their 2018 Fringe Festival at the Panowski Black Box Theater. Starting on Thursday evening, three different theatrical pieces will be performed, produced, and directed by the students of the theatre and entertainment arts program.

This year’s Fringe Festival was put together to allow graduating seniors to showcase what they’ve learned over their time at the university with their capstone projects.

“It’s really amazing – I love working with my peers in this kind of situation, because you have a lot more freedom, especially with the one act, to bounce ideas off each other and they bring new things to the table that you wouldn’t have thought of,” said student director, Regan McKay. “Being in the Fringe Festival has given me a lot of freedom to explore dramaturgy, which isn’t always capable on some of our larger shows at the FRT.”

“I actually wasn’t going to do college theatre – college theatre was never on my radar, I was never interested in it, but a friend of mine told me to audition, and I got involved, and when you get bit by the theatre bug, you can never leave,” said student performer, Justin Van’t Hof.

The Valentine Fairy, Antigone, and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare are performed each night for two weekends, starting on February 8th, and running until the 17th.

Tickets are $15 for the General Public, $10 for Students, and $5 for NMU Students, and can be purchased at any NMU EZ Ticket Outlet.