MARQUETTE — On Friday night, the Vandament Arena at Northern Michigan University was packed to capacity for the 22nd Annual Drag Show.



Queers and Allies, a student organization on NMU’s campus, was again in charge of this year’s show. It consisted of 6 professional queens and kings, some of who are avid players in the Chicago drag-scene. Also featured was the winner of last night’s amateur show.

One of the first out on the cat walk tonight was a Marquette native now living in Chicago as a professional drag queen. She said performing is always a thrill.

“The fact that I was able to take it over, and have a great group of people come up here, and show the Marquette community how diverse we can be, and have a great time – it’s exciting,” said drag performer and Marquette native, Aurora Gozmic.

“Not only do we have diversity in the LGBT aspect of it, but most of the queens and kings are actually Hispanic and Black – I think we even have a Native person this year which is really awesome – and we had all of those people last year as well,” said Queers and Allies President, Erica Krause.  “So, it doesn’t just represent LGBT people, but it’s inter-sectional in all different ways.”

The show took months of preparation. Krause said the show always receives a lot of support from the student body and the university.