Escape Marquette brings you “The Agency”

MARQUETTE — You are a team of CIA agents. One of the agents on your team is missing: Simon Stone, the infamous Agent 6. He disappeared eight months ago, after stealing classified documents from the agency. Simon is wanted for treason, but you suspect he is innocent after receiving this note: ‘There is more to the story. Be careful, you don’t want to end up behind chains.’ You have 60 minutes before the agency is back from their meeting, and your team will go rogue to uncover what happened to Agent 6.

Escape Marquette’s newest challenge is shaping up to be a real doozy. Just one hour to navigate through locks, codes, documents, and more. The room, or rooms, has a different feel from the Tomb or Classroom challenges.

“I wanted people to feel engaged in the political conversation to some degree; this is very similar to what we saw happen with Edward Snowden. So I took that storyline and I really decided to give it a fictional basis but something that can be very immersive for my players,” said Anna Hemstock, Founder and Gamemaster of Escape Marquette.

“The Agency,” as it’s called, is the hardest game to come to Escape Marquette.

“It’s a very challenging game, so it’s good for players that have played our games before, or other places, it really gives them a challenging experience as far as navigating the escape,” said Hemstock.

And it almost makes you feel like you’re in the CIA.

“I knew the agency had to give you that feel that you were in a secret meeting. So basically I use the environment to come up with the clues first. I use the furniture, I use the props within the room, I use what people would immediately think of when they think of an agency. And then I try and twist them around and make them challenging.”

If you’ve never done an escape room before, this one might be a little tougher than you think. Some of the clues don’t always lead you to the next.

“This room is different because it’s not walking you through it,” said Hemstock. “It is really expecting you to use what you know about escape rooms and the elements within and try to get out.”

So, best of luck to all who give it a shot. Hopefully you make it out before the agency returns.