Marquette Branch Prison appoints first female warden

MARQUETTE — Erica Huss has been named as the first female warden of the Marquette Branch Prison.

Huss is the 21st warden of the facility. She is a graduate of Luther L. Wright School in Ironwood and she earned her bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology from Northern Michigan University.

Huss has spent 23 years of her career with the Michigan Department of Corrections. She began her career as a corrections officer at Camp Cusino in 1994, where she later moved on to roles as resident unit manager, assistant deputy warden and deputy warden at facilities that included Ojibway and Ionia Correctional Facilities, as well as the Marquette Branch Prison.

She most recently served as deputy warden at the Marquette Branch Prison. Her appointment was effective on December 31st, 2017.

She was appointed to the position after the former warden, Robert Napel, was promoted to assistant deputy director for the Correctional Facilities Administration of the Michigan Department of Corrections. Napel joined the Michigan Department of Corrections in 1978 as a corrections officer, and has held a number of positions including assistant resident unit manager, resident unit manager, assistant deputy warden and deputy warden.

He became warden of Marquette Branch Prison in 2010. As assistant deputy director he will be responsible for overseeing the operations of correctional facilities in the Upper Peninsula and in Northern Michigan. His appointment was effective December 1st, 2017.

Huss and Napel believe protecting the community and providing prisoners with the tools they need to be productive, self-sufficient and successful citizens are central to the mission of the Michigan Department of Corrections.