“Eyes Make the Horizon” exhibit opens today

MARQUETTE — To have your art shown, one might need to be fairly well known, but for one local artist, it all came naturally. The Lake Superior Art Association is starting their monthly exhibit series by hosting Michael Zuhorski’s “Eyes Make the Horizon” exhibit. His work is inspired by the small changes and the lighting in his surrounding environment. That interest sparked when he was younger and living in the Detroit Area.

“Moving here gave me the chance to study it in a way that traveling wouldn’t otherwise,” said Zuhorski. “It’s more so a documentation of an emotional experience with the landscape than an actual documentation of the landscape itself.”

His chance to show his work in the Marquette Arts and Cultural Center came when he made the move to the U.P., and has been a few years in the making.

“I actually work here at the library so when I started working here I saw that this venue was so beautiful I had to have a show here so a few years ago I got the date and, you know, this is it,” said Zuhorski.

Perseverance, taking risks and an eye for landscapes is what produces the work.

“I do a lot of driving around, in kind of, I don’t want to say remote, but quite far away, places where I’d get stuck in my Toyota Camry.”

All of that work will come to fruition tonight, and will be on display until January 27th.

“If anything I would like to offer people a new experience for people to see a landscape they’re familiar with with new eyes, offer a portrayal of it that they’re not used to so as to re–enchant someone with something they thing is banal, something they think is common,” said Zuhorski.

The Marquette Arts and Cultural Center is located in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library.