Redmen introduce new auxiliary gym

MARQUETTE — After a year long process, Marquette has put the finishing touches on a brand new auxiliary gym.

The gym will benefit both academics and athletics, serving as space for physical education classes as well as a practice facility for sports teams.

“The new auxiliary gym was part of the bond package that the community passed over a year ago. We saw the first phase of that take place with the revamping of the track along with the new field turf. This was kind of phase two. It took a little bit longer because of the new construction project but the district students just endless benefits and what this does for not only for us here at the high school but district wide,” said Marquette Athletic Director Alex Tiseo.

“It’s a process that’s over a year in the making. From the planning standpoint and the layout and seeing what exactly was going to be needed in this facility, what we needed to maximize its use. There’s a lot of thought and making sure we’re meeting all those needs,” said Tiseo.

The gym features 10 basketball hoops and bleacher seating. The new facility allows all six basketball teams to practice under the same roof – rather than travel to various facilities in the county.

“Our current focus is to use this as a practice space. Next year we’ll see it through volleyball and boys and girls basketball as a competition space as well. We do have bleacher seating for about 500. That’ll make it a nice secondary competition venue that complements our main gymnasium,” said Tiseo.

There are still plans to upgrade the gym with signage and a scoreboard.