Zero Degrees but Many Changes coming to gallery

MARQUETTE — New Year means new changes for local art gallery Zero Degrees. The business will see slight alterations in order to keep their current location.

The fairly young Third Street business in Marquette is making changes to their board changing positions between their chairman and treasurer. They are proposing an increase in rent by June of next year for artists which will be $35 a month instead of $30, as well as an increase from ten percent to fifteen percent in commissions starting in January.

“Every one here is juried in our not, and we think that the quality is exceptional and we’d like to keep it that way, and we have a good variety we have wood, we have ceramic, we have photographers and photography, three–dimensional, and selection for people to come in and we think it’s a preferred place for people to come and shop,” said Chairman and new Treasurer, Norm Hefke.

The meeting to decide on the proposed changes will take place on January fifteenth and the new positions will begin on the first of the new year.