Christmas is over, but where to dispose of the tree

MARQUETTE — The Christmas season is over, and so is the tree sitting in your house. The City of Marquette is offering drop–off sites for those looking to dispose of their wilting trees.



It is prohibited in the city for residents to burn their trees on their property without following city ordinance. To promote recycling and prevent unnecessary fires the city has offered drop–off locations for trees within in the city.

“We’ll collect them and put them into our composting operation and most of that material, now with the changing of those sites as well, will be headed out to the composting out at the county site. We’re trying to make the entire process green, if you will, from start to finish. Since it is going into the composting make sure that all the stands are removed and the ornaments, tinsel and that type of stuff,” said Director of Public Works, Scott Cambensy.

Drop–off locations are available at 401 East Fair Avenue at Lakeview Arena’s parking lot, as well as Hurley Field at 240 Mesnard Street Place. If you pay the monthly solid waste fee you are eligible to use the sites.