GWINN — Snowmobiling is a big part of being a Yooper; the earlier people can learn how to enjoy a past time, the better. With learning about snowmobiling comes learning the risks of the sport.

The Forsyth Snowmobile club, along with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Marquette County Sherriff’s Department, is hosting a day–course for kids to learn the basics and safety of snowmobiling.

“The main thing that we’re trying to do is make sure they’re responsible. They’re coming of age where they’re going to start riding by themselves,” said Todd Lundstrom of the Forsyth Snowmobile Club. “We’re here to provide an education for the kids that are out on the snowmobiles to get them to act safe on a snowmobile and know how to behave.”

The sport can be dangerous, and it’s important to make sure that people learning about the sport are aware of what could happen if things go wrong.

“It’s extremely important to know the safeties, because if you’re out there all alone, and you break down, you’re not going to have a clue on what to do,” said Carolyn Taylor, a former student of the course.

18 spots are left open for the free class on December 28th. Visit the club page on Facebook or contact the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department for more information.