Local Iron Mountain man living his singing dream

Iron Mountain– Trevor Scott Ohlsen has always wanted to be singer and a songwriter. Now, as an adult he is learning what it really means to accomplish his dreams.

Trevor Scott Ohlsen grew up with music in his life, and at a young age learned how to play both piano and guitar. From that point on, he knew he wanted to write his own music and perform it.

“The thing that kicked it off I guess was my dad teaching me because he was in a band. I don’t know if I was like, ‘Dad!” Because he was in a band for ten years,” shared Ohlsen.

He has premiered his music in venues from his hometown here in Iron Mountain to Minnesota in the hopes that people all over will be able to hear it.

“I lived in Minneapolis for two years and I played out there, so yeah, and I played everywhere out there coffee shops, bars, street corners, all over, so yeah, Minneapolis, I guess my big main area of focus that I really focused around so far is the Midwest,” he said.

His recent song ‘Speechless’ can be heard on the local radio stations here in the Western Upper Peninsula as well as his song ‘Michigan.’ His inspiration comes from some of his favorite artists like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, but his true inspiration is love and the power it has on people’s hearts.

“Like, you (reporter) said, I’ve written a lot of love songs because that’s one thing that’s really powerful emotion that people can connect with, but I use music as a way to get things out whether it be happiness or sadness,” he added.

Ohlsen has no limitations on his music or his music career as he hopes to tour quite possibly in the spring of next year. He even has hopes of starting his own band and having a record deal.

“I want to gig more, I want to play more shows. I definitely will tour the country someday, and hopefully, someday, tour the world. Get to that level of success, of having that big of a fan base. That would be the end goal is having a record deal with a reputable record company and have a fan base that supports me throughout the world,” he shared.

Trevor would like aspiring artists, and even others, to know that they should always follow their dreams if they feel it is their purpose in life.

“What your meant to do it gives you purpose, it gives you meaning, and that’s so important, so important for life. If you feel like you have no purpose or meaning then what’s the point,” he conveyed.