Six confirmed cases of whooping cough in Marquette County

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Marquette County Health Department has recently confirmed six cases of Pertussis, mainly in children. This is an increase from the five confirmed cases in 2016, three cases in 2015 and five cases in 2014.



Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious respiratory disease. The disease spreads with close exposure. Being in the same room within three feet of someone who has whopping cough raises the risk of contracting the disease.

“It’s in the schools,” said Karen Sall, Communicable Disease Coordinator at Marquette County Health Department.  “That’s why we want parents to be especially vigilant at this time when there’s been identified cases if their children have persistent cough or systems of respiratory illness.”

Symptoms of whooping cough include congestion that leads to a worsening cough and a whoop or vomiting after coughing.

There is no way to prevent whooping cough with over the counter medicine. Getting vaccinated is the most important method of prevention.

“We encourage everybody to be immunized for whopping cough,” said Karen Sall. “If you get the immunization you may still get whopping cough symptoms will be less severe which is good.”

Vaccines for whooping cough are available at any doctor’s office, as well as the Marquette County Health Department office.

For more information on Pertussis, click HERE.