NEGAUNEE — The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, and Negaunee middle-schoolers did just that today.

It was a festive day at the Negaunee Senior Center, as the Negaunee Middle School Chorus sang Christmas carols during lunch time, just in time for the holidays. The chorus is very involved with the community.

“I have a select group of middle-schoolers that perform for various events,” said Negaunee Middle/High school Choir Teacher Kelli Bucholtz. “We like to go around the community and perform for them, so this is one of the great chances we get to perform for the community.”

Some of the places have included the Mall of America. Singing carols for the community has provided a positive impact on the students.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to share music with the community and to help spread Christmas cheer,” said Bucholtz.

For Bucholtz and her students, music is a big aspect of Christmas cheer, and they hope to share that holiday spirit with as many members of the community as they can.

“It’s nice to see kids come out in the community and reach out to others,” she said. “So, it just a wonderful experience for everyone.”

A few jolly tunes put folks in the mood for the upcoming holiday, and for the second straight year, Negaunee citizens were ready for the arrival of jolly old St. Nick.