Salvation Army receives donation from Lions Club for toys

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming Lions Club donates to the the local Salvation Army every year in order to help local families receive presents for the holidays.

A check was presented to the Captain of the Salvation Army on behalf of the Lions Club on Wednesday.

The money helps buy presents for families who will come to choose gifts on their lists at Salvation Army’s post in downtown Ishpeming on December 21st.

“It’s important to see that the young people get toys and such for Christmas. One of the things is that a lot of the time parents are not working and they need a little help a little boost at times and hopefully we can give that boost to give the kids a happy, merry Christmas,” said Jim Thomas, member of the Lions Club.

The deadline to register has passed for shopping but the deadline to donate is still open which will benefit over three hundred families and over one thousand children during the holidays.