‘Walking in Someone Else’s Genes’ creates fun and educational event

MARQUETTE — Last night was the first of what will hopefully be many, “Walk in Someone Else’s Genes” events, in order to raise money for KIF1A research.

The event was hosted at the Upper Peninsula’s Children Museum in Marquette and was also in conjunction with the Upper Peninsula Health System.

A range of stations and activities were created to stimulate and sedate senses of children who may not suffer from disabilities. It was also able to teach acceptance and tolerance for all different abilities.

“It has been an awesome turnout, a lot of kids. A lot of great community members came together and are running different stations. Everyone seems busy and happy and I’m good, I’m glad that the event day is finally today. It feels like a wedding day. I’ll be happy when its behind me as well, but we’re hoping to make it an annual thing,” said Shannon Scott, coordinator.

Raffles, prizes, music, and food was available at the event making for what looked like a fun and interactive event for all.