MARQUETTE — People always say rather than judging, take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Tomorrow, in Marquette, the public will have an opportunity to do just that with some story–telling along the way.

The Room at the Inn Warming Center will be hosting a homeless awareness walk that will allow the public to experience what it’s like to be homeless in the chilling winter months.

The community of people who work and stay at the center will be helping with the walk. It will be accompanied by conversation about the experiences some of the members have had being homeless.

“Yes, we’ve become more than just friends, we’ve become family. A lot of us become closer than family. We and look out for each other some of us live together apparently. We do have squabbles here and there but they’re over within minutes. If a person goes missing for a day or two we’re all out looking for them. It’s nice to be looked after, if I disappear for two to three days they know where to find me. We’re not here for pity. We all hit hard times and we are just trying to better ourselves a little bit,” said patron, Francis McDonald.

The walk will take place starting at 10:00 A.M. tomorrow at the warming center in Marquette and the amount of walking is dependent on the person.

The public is encouraged to not only listen to these stories but also enjoy a cup of coffee at the center afterwards where they will be able to sit and speak with other members of the center as well.