MARQUETTE — Tomorrow is turkey day, but that doesn’t stop people from thinking about the holidays after. Specifically, Santa and the presents the children are asking him to bring in their letters.

This year marks the 105th Anniversary of the United States Postal Service’s Operation Santa program which incorporates the help of volunteers to answer and send replies to children who have mailed letters to Santa. Locally, USPS in Marquette is   collecting letters in order to write back in time for the holidays.

“So, if you want to mail a letter to Santa you can bring it to the front desk here, you can put it in the blue box, you can put it in your mailbox at home, just make sure to put the red flag up. Then also on Friday, December 1st, at the holiday parade downtown post officers will be walking down and are collecting Santa letters during the parade,” said Mandie Meyer, USPS Marquette.

There is also an adopt a letter initiative where if any member of the public chooses, they may adopt a letter and personally respond to a letter and even send a gift at their discretion. Of course, to protect the writer there are guidelines to becoming a letter responder which requires valid I.D., a form and written letter.

“I think as postal employees we’re constantly in the community and so to give back is kind of a fun thing and for people to know that we are happy to deliver mail and happy to spread holiday cheer. It’s just a fun thing to see a kid’s smiling face. I know there is an option to give a gift as well. If someone wants to adopt a letter and give a gift back to the child or family. You do have to pay for the postage and what not but it is kind of a fun way to give back,” added Meyer.

The USPS feels this is an important program because of the role the post office plays in the community. It’s a responsibility they have to the community and in turn the children.

This holiday season consider adopting a letter or request a child or loved one in your life to send a letter to Santa. Santa’s helpers are awaiting this opportunity to spread cheer in the community and its children as well.