Finlandia University to offer first-of-its-kind transfer student tuition

HANCOCK — Finlandia University is making it easier for students from other colleges to transfer. The school has announced that it will now offer a first-of-its-kind tuition reset that that will help make the university known as a transfer friendly leader.

Beginning in January, the university will reset tuition to $6,297 per semester for students bringing at least 6 transferable college credits.

“Those transfer credits don’t have to be from instate schools. Students don’t have to be Michigan residents. They can be from anywhere, but if they have six credits coming in they will pay about $6000 a semester tuition, which is a lot cheaper than what they would’ve been paying otherwise,” said Dean of Students Erin Barnett.

The tuition reset price is the median in-state tuition price for public four-year institutions in the state of Michigan.

“The transfer market is growing nationally. About 75 percent of students don’t finish at the institution they begin at. It’s a largely untapped market and there’s a lot of opportunities for schools like Finlandia to grow enrollment through transfer initiatives,” said Barnett.The university also offers assistance with access to other programs to help students manage tuition costs such as a work

study program, and others that are federally funded. Finlandia president Phillip Johnson says that the university “delivers uncommon attention that translates into student success and transfer students also deserve this kind of attention and this kind of success.”

More information on Transfer Tuition Pricing can be found HERE.