EAGLE RIVER — The Keweenaw County Board of Commissioners is once again accepting proposals from anyone interested in purchasing the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. The board has added some new stipulations to the purchasing process.

It was announced in September that the Board of Commissioners had accepted a letter of intent to purchase the resort from Anthony Lane Partners of Dallas, Texas, who withdrew the intent to purchase after learning that the lodge had a historical preservation easement. Shortly after A.L.P.’s withdrawal, the Board received another letter of intent to buy from a seasonal resident.

“We are concerned that the lodge may not end up being used in such a way and so we felt like we needed to step up to the plate and help the county out to have a good transition from having debt that they have now to an operator that could run the lodge and operate it for access to the people of Michigan and beyond,” said Cliff Adams, a summertime resident of Copper Harbor.

Instead, the board accepted a letter of intent from Adoba Hotels, who operates a chain in several states, with its closest location in the U.P., located in Naubinway.

Adoba has also withdrawn its intent to purchase, and the details are not being given at this time. However the board assembled a special meeting earlier this week and has amended its approval process for future interested parties in the 178-acre resort, interest parties are now required to lay down a 50,000 dollar deposit that would be non-refundable if the next purchaser backs out the deal.

Once that deposit is made, a 60 day due diligence period would begin, followed by a 30 day period to close the deal. The asking price remains at $1.5 million.