MARQUETTE — The wait is finally over: after six months of renovations, Super One Foods in Marquette has officially re-opened for business.

On Wednesday, Super One hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to introduce the remodeled store, complete with free cake and free samples around the store. The store is the same size as it was before, but aisles have been rearranged and re-purposed to accommodate for a few changes.

“It’s been a wonderful market to serve and we’ve had customers that, you know, have embraced us and supported us for all this time,” said Patrick Miner, the store director of Miners, Inc./Super One. “We were ready to add some new enhancements to this marketplace and the time is now.”

New to Super One is an improved liquor department and remodeled produce areas, which can serve about 30 percent more products than before. As part of the celebration, the store is also offering special discounts this week and next week.