CHAMPION — In desperate need of new prosthesics a local man who has always given back is seeking the support of the community.  Nate Denofre lost his legs at birth. Without letting others get in his way he has blazed a trail full of obstacles, several trails in fact.

Nate has helped people in the community who also struggle with disabilities gain peace and comfort in the outdoors. He does not complain about the pain rather he helps others, but the need for new legs is apparent and the community is rallying around him in support.

“We’ve got a good area in that when it comes to projects that a worthwhile and that the community does usually turn out and help quite a bit. Well, Nate is well known by the veterans and that and he sponsors things that get them out in the woods and that so you know for himself to be that way it’s kind of nice that we can do something for him too,” said Roy Pascoe, President of the Champion Lions Club.

Anyone who speaks to Nate knows how appreciative he is of the support from the community as well as the local Lions Club and Junction Ninety–Five Tavern and Grill.

“It’s a great thing to see, people sticking together, I mean it’s a good thing. The Lions Club and everyone coming together it’s a great thing and I really appreciate it. I’m not used to it so it’ll take awhile to get use to all the help,” commented Denofre.

Unfortunately even an outstanding individual will face hardships. For Nate, it comes in the form of paying for medical bills and being denied the care he needs.

“I worked enough quarters, even being disabled, to get social security hence like a retired person you could say and in return I get Medicare part A and B which most retired people get. They cover eighty percent and I have to pay for that every month. They cover eighty percent which isn’t so bad but when you have prosthetics and just one foot is over eight thousand dollars a total set of legs is sixteen thousand dollars, and I got to pay twenty–percent of that and I have always paid the bills, always have been, and it just seems like I can’t keep up,” he said.

The Dinner in honor of Nate will take place on November 18th from 1:00-7:00 P.M. the cost is $12 and will take place at Junction 95 in Champion.

To donate please visit the GoFundMe campaign New Legs for Nate.