HUMBOLDT TOWNSHIP — Medical Marijuana is making its way to the UP, as a local township has approved the licensing and regulation of medical marijuana.

Humboldt Township approved the ordinance last week, which will allow for the growing of medical Marijuana. By law, it is illegal to buy marijuana in the township.

“Provisioning centers would be unlawful in Humboldt Township. So you cannot go and buy the marijuana there. We are allowing the other four types of facilities, so the growing, the processing, the testing and the transport,” said Jackie Solomon, Humboldt Township Administrator.

To grow Medical marijuana, you’ll need a facility far from civilization, and the township found the perfect location.

“We got this ELF Facility from the government; it was a navy project and was obsolete. So Humboldt Township ended up getting the property, we sold it to this gentleman in Skandia; he then wanted to grow medical marijuana there,” added Thomas Prophet, Humboldt Township Supervisor.

The ordinance goes into effect December 3rd, and growing is expected to begin in March.