MARQUETTE — NMU’s Forest Roberts Theatre’s latest production is a spellbinding play that aims to defy the boundaries of the world we think we all know.

“Constellations,” a play by Nick Payne, delves into infinite possibilities and raises questions about the difference between choice and destiny. An encounter between a man and woman turns romantic, as audiences are thrown into space and time with them. This mainstage show is being performed in the Panowski Black Box Theatre and is directed by Dr. Shelley Russell.

“Throughout the show, everything is moving really organically, but at the same time, you’re capturing these two people at different points within their relationship throughout different times and places,” said cast member Taylor Ehle.

“When I first read the play, I was so excited about it, I said this is such a challenge for two students and some designers,” said director Shelley Russell. “What happens in an hour and twenty minutes is magical. You walk out of this asking all kinds of things about life and relationships.”

“Constellations” opens on November 9th, and runs until the 18th. Tickets for the performances can be found online through NMU’s EZ Ticketing System.