MARQUETTE — The Eagle Mine held its biannual company forum today to give Marquette County residents an update on the status of the mine. The forum was the third out of the four given in the month of November. The two forums last week were held in Michigamme and Humboldt townships. The forums focused on a variety of topics.

“We just give an update on what’s going on here at Eagle Mine and talk about our safety performance over the last six months, our environmental performance. The big question that’s been on everyone’s minds during the forum is exploration. What’s next for Eagle?” said Meagan Morrison,¬†Social Responsibility Adviser for the Eagle Mine.

Unlike most Nickel and Copper mines, Eagle Mine has a lifespan of a measly nine years, so time is of the essence.

“So we’re expecting to close in 2023, so that’s on everybody’s minds, is what’s next, and what are we doing to try to extend the life of Eagle?” said Morrison.

The fourth and final forum will be at the Thunder Bay Inn in Big Bay on Wednesday November 8th.