MARQUETTE COUNTY — In preparation of the coming winter and everything that comes with it, we set our sights on National Winter Hazard Awareness Week. In the Upper Peninsula, The winter weather can be a debilitating force for many, with strong, cold winds, heavy snows, and other elements. It helps to be prepared for such instances.

“Winter comes every year, as we know, so we try to prepare at least one week before the storms really hit, we’ve had a few storms already this year, so it’s really never too late to prepare,” Said Brett Borchardt, a Meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Despite some calm aspects the winter has, being ready for the worst of snowstorms, among other things, can be the difference between life and death.

“Every day we have a different theme that we try to hit on, ranging from how to build a winter survival kit to what to do if you’re stuck in the snow, so we like to use this opportunity to prepare for the storms we’re bound to have this year,” said¬†Borchardt.

ABC ten will have a daily segment next week to help you stay ahead of the cold weather.