IRON RIVER — Aspirus Iron River Hospital has been building a new clinical center as a part of their complex on the beautiful Ice Lake and has provided us with a recent project update.

The new facilities are set to be completed in early March with winter weather permitting. In regards to staff and patients there will be no immediate hiring of more staff or providers but new patients are more than welcome.

“We are seeing a lot of people who are staying closer to home and looking to us for care. We’ve been seeing a lot of growth over the last few years and we recognize that in the future we want to see more of that growth and bring in more specialty providers into this area, so immediately speaking, no, we won’t be adding a large amount of medical staff right away but we anticipate not only staff as we continue to grow but we certainly see it as a great tool to get providers,” said Abby Miller, Director of Marketing.

With March fast approaching the new clinic project is moving swiftly with it, in hopes that winter will not stop the progression and its opening.