MARQUETTE — October was ADHD and Dyslexia Awareness Month. Going forward with the rest of the year, there are a few things about these disabilities that people should be aware of.

Students can show signs of learning disabilities before even starting school. Some effects ADHD or Dyslexia can have on students include social impairments. One way to become aware of these disorders is by remaining open–minded about intervention techniques.

“One of our philosophies in our schools is every kid gets what they need and some students need a little more support and some students may need a little extra help. That’s just a philosophy we try to have in all our classrooms, ” said MARESA Literacy Consultant, Kristen Peterson.

“What we need to look at is how the child is functioning in his day–to–day schedule. If the Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is impacting their day then lets at least look at what types of strategies we can put into place,” added Barb Potts, Education Consultant.

Misconceptions are also a part of understanding these disabilities ranging from what dyslexia is to the types of treatment you can receive for ADHD.

For more information speak to professionals or visit MARESA.