MARQUETTE — It’s no secret people can grow closer over time, whether in reality or as characters in a play. “Love Letters” is a fine example of how strong bonds can last a lifetime.

For this weekend, couples can enjoy a perfect date night at the Peter White Library’s Community Room watching a play about a relationship that lasts the ages.

The two actors have worked together in several productions over the years and can vouch for what a strong friendship can do.

“Really listen to what the other person is saying and allow yourself to react organically, because it is all in the words. It is all in those handwritten letters that have gone back and forth and the anticipation of what the other person might write and the emotions you’re experiencing as you’re writing back,” said Monica Nordeen, who plays Melissa in the production.

Tickets are available at the Library’s circulation desk with shows Thursday and Friday at 7 P.M. and Saturday at 2 P.M. for the matinee.