Superior Hills elementary debuts addition

MARQUETTE–Over the last few years, the Marquette area has seen an increase in elementary school students, and one local school, Superior Hills Elementary, has adjusted with a brand new addition.

A new hallway has been added on featuring 7 extra classrooms to comfortably fit all of their students. The addition also improved the parking lot, providing much needed parking spaces, as an increase in traffic has been seen. The Marquette Area Public Schools received a bond just last year, which helped make this new addition possible.

“We can’t say enough about the community support – passing the bond and allowing us to do these classroom additions,” said Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent Bill Saunders. “This couldn’t have come at a better time with the huge spike in enrollment, again, over 150 head count about three and a half years ago, up 70 FTE – about 100 head count this year for Marquette Area Public Schools.”

Saunders says that in the long run, the school district hopes to lower the teacher to student ratio in each school.