HOUGHTON — College kids are known for doing some pretty crazy things, and although Michigan Tech ranks high on many prestigious lists, their students are no exception.

Eight to twelve person teams were instructed to build boats using only cardboard, tape and paint on Friday as part of the annual Cardboard Boat Races. After putting the boats together, the students raced down the Portage Canal while spectators cheered them on.

The event is a tradition for Michigan Tech’s homecoming.

“We actually built it in one night out of cardboard and duct tape. We made it about one foot, and we all piled in, and then it just filled up with water. But we had a great time,” said MTU Freshman Sarah Gustafson.

All of the vessels made it back to shore safely. However, not all of them successfully completed the race.

Once finished, the vessels were carried off by the teams for recycling. The recycled boats filled two dumpsters that were provided by the city.